Session IPA • 4.7%

45,00 DKK
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A base of pale malt, oats and some rye create a smooth, medium-bodied beer which is perfect for Spring. A healthy portion of Nectaron, Motueka & Simcoe hops produces a fruity fusion of peach, pineapple and berries, with a zesty lime kick to keep the flavour popping.

440ml - 4.7%

About Veritas:
Brewed to celebrate International Women's Day 2023, this beer is a collaboration between Dry & Bitter Brewing Company and Heavy Duty Brew Co, with label artwork by four female tattoo artists based in Copenhagen.

This beer has 4 different labels, with designs from (L-R) Evelyn Deetz, Julie Lintrup, Pauline De Keers and Laura Wøldike

The yeast was sponsored by White Labs Copenhagen. The chrome labels were sponsored by L-Print ApS.

Proceeds from this beer will be donated to charity.