Steeped: Biosphere

DDH IPA • 5.6%

55,00 DKK
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Each IPA in the Steeped series has the same recipe, but features a different hop addition method.

In Biosphere we used our double dry-hopping technique. Dry-hopping techniques can differ from brewery to brewery. For our DDH technique we use double the amount of hops that we would use in a normal IPA. We add the first dry-hop charge during the end of fermentation, which encourages biotransformation. The biotransformation adds some more interesting flavour profiles and aromas to the beer. We then add the second charge of hops to the beer just after fermentation has finished, adding more pungent aromas. All with the aim of infusing the beer with as much hop juice as possible!

All three beers use Colombus, Centennial & Ekuanot hops. See how they manifest in each beer.

440ml - 5.6% ABV.