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Mirage V9 | Fruited Sour

Mirage V9 | Fruited Sour

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This ninth edition of our Mirage Series is a tantalizing blend of tangy redcurrants and juicy raspberries, delivering a perfectly balanced, refreshing beer. At a very drinker-friendly 5.3% ABV, Mirage V9 is both accessible and satisfying.

Expect an explosion of flavors with every sip: the bright tartness of redcurrants mingles seamlessly with the sweet, succulent notes of raspberries. The result? A delightful harmony of sour, sweet, and tart, all wrapped up in a smooth, velvety mouthfeel

Hops: Citra
Malts: Barley, Wheat
Adjuncts: Redcurrant, Raspberry

Fruited Sour - 5,3% ABV - 440ml can

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