Hygge Box

Variety • Under 7%

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Containing a variety of styles united in their ability to bring hygge to the table, this mixed box of 24 cans is perfect for sharing with friends and family in a cosy, social setting. 

All the beers in this box are under 7% ABV, providing an easy-drinking and tasty variety. Hygge Box always contains a variety of beer styles, to ensure there is something to please everyone, and to encourage discussion and sharing. There are at least 2 cans of each type of beer, so there won't be any arguing over a favourite style. 

ABV: under 7%

Quantity of each product: 2 to 4

Style of beer: Variety, for example SIPA, Lager, Brown Ale, IPA, Sour

Storage: Keep refrigerated to keep the flavours vibrant